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O.K., it’s been over a year since I posted on my blog. Been kinda AWOL, but not idle. I’ve spent this last year knitting, sewing, and traveling. Just finished my newest Niebling lace. It’s called Lotus Flower and I think it’s one of Niebling’s most beautiful.


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I used a hand-dyed yarn called Anzula. The finished measurement is 50″ across.




I’m having a blast knitting two Lyra’s at the same time. I couldn’t decide which colorway I liked better, so cast on both using Rosemarie’s belly button cast-on and am currently up to row 45. There are 180 rows in this design and every section is more beautiful than the last.

I’m using Cascade baby alpaca in a deep violet flecked with navy and fuschia on US 2/ 2.75 Inox needles. I started on US 3’s and didn’t like how loose the fabric was, so ripped back to the start and switched to my trusty US 2 needles. Still not convinced I like how the yarn halo’s, but the fabric is incredibly soft.


This yarn is Zephyr in a cinnabar color on US 2/ 2.75 Hiya Hiya needles. The yarn knits up with wonderful stitch definition and the fabric has a lovely sheen to it.


I’m saving the Poison Apple Green yarn for another lace project.

Today I started my second Lyra shawl.


I’m knitting the shawl on US 3’s using Cascade’s baby alpaca lace weight yarn. There’s a bit of halo blooming and I’m not sure I like the effect. I’ll continue knitting as I love the color. I’m even noodling around with the idea of knitting another Lyra in this yarn:


Its’ a cobweb Tencel, Merino Wool blend from the Yarn Place. I call the color ‘Poison Apple Green’ and don’t look forward to skeining it as it’s over 3,000 yards!

Well, I finished my Fuchsienbluten, but haven’t blocked it yet. I was anxious to start a new Niebling known as Deckchen and here it is.


This lace piece is all about pushing the envelope. My goal was to knit a piece of lace using the finest thread available. I found some DMC ‘Cordonnet’ size 100 thread and cast on 6 stitches using US 00’s! The knitting is slow, methodical, and tiring. So far I’ve dropped a stitch, and even split the thread a couple of times.

I don’t like the Cordonnet thread as much as the Cebelia. The thread has a harder twist (3 2-plys twisted together) so the fabric has a stiff, almost scratchy feel. The Cebelia is a 3-ply thread and knits up to a softer fabric with nice drape. This project is one of those learning lessons!


I’m finally on Hiya Hiya circular needles. The finish is not as slippery as the Addi turbo needles, but the tips are pointier. I started on Inox steel needles and like them for their finish and tips. The lace slides nicely along the needle when pushed, but stay in place when not being worked; in other words: they don’t fall off the needles!


I’m almost done with my latest Niebling lace project. There’s only 89 rows here, so the piece will block out doily size. I used DMC ‘Cebelia’ 30 cotton on size US 0 needles. All that’s left to do is the crochet bind-off. My friend Kristine agreed to give it a good home.


Today was a good excuse to finally block my first Niebling lace pattern: frosted ferns. Number one reason: also blocking my Lyra. Number two reason: I’m giving it to my friend Marietta.


Here’s another close-up photo:

Yippee! Hooray! I finished my Lyra. The lace was loads of fun to knit, but I kept putting it away to tend to other things. I’m giving it to my friend Jeanette in trade for a table runner. The table runner is gorgeous, in a sage and off white color woven in an ancient twill pattern. I want to knit another Lyra using Zephyr in a teal color, but need to finish my husband’s Estonian gloves first or he’ll lose complete faith in my ability to finish projects.


Here’s another close-up shot:

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